Have you had an issue with your computer or IT system and simply no clue how to get help?

If you are in need of support, it is possible you may need to send your IT company or staff an email to outline what the issue is and how to get help. Below we have outlined an easy step-by-step process to help you get the support you need with little to no headaches.

  1. Communicate the urgency of the issue. Is the issue preventing you from doing your job? Make sure to communicate that so your technical support staff can escalate the ticket/email and resolve the issue faster.
  2. Be descriptive and include screenshots where appropriate. To learn how to take a screenshot with Mac or Windows take a look at this easy to follow tutorial provided by www.take-a-screenshot.org
  3. Submit a ticket for ALL and ANY IT related issues you encounter. This is important! You are not helping your company or your IT support company by not requesting service because you think it is not significant. Not requesting service does NOT save anyone money. With a TrueIT Managed Plan, you get unlimited Help Desk and Onsite Hours.
  4. Schedule a time with a technician. The goal is to take up as little time as possible. Allowing the tech to connect to your computer (remotely or otherwise) will give them what they need to resolve the issue. Let them know a few times that will give them access to your system without interrupting your work. Always provide a phone number to reach you on if you need to step away from the system while the technician is working to resolve your issue.

I don’t have IT support, how do I get it?

TrueIT has been providing quality support and IT solutions as stand alone fully managed and supplemental services to augment internal IT staff to many local and national clients. If you would like to request service, contact us today to schedule a technician or talk to someone about starting a service plan.

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