Allen Anderson

NOC Engineer

The gratification of knowing he’s helping and really making a difference in someone’s day by fixing an issue that’s frustrating a client is what motivates Allen to get out of bed each morning.  He’s a real people person who loves the upbeat atmosphere and teamwork that abounds here at TrueIT.

“We’re always sharing knowledge with each other so we can all learn something new,” he says.  It’s a wonderful bonus, because Allen’s always open to expanding his “bowl full of knowledge,” as he calls it, and share it with the team and our clients.

Allen comes to us having spent the last three years as helpdesk technician where he helped manage information systems and supported over a thousand users.   He went to Globe University, pursuing a degree in Information Technology.  Before joining the IT world, Allen had a diverse career path, including spending 5 years building houses and working at a sunflower seed elevator.