Becca Swift

Network Administrator

The pleasure of making someone else’s job easier is universal. Having them thank you for it is even better.

It’s the kind of thing that happens to Becca all time.

As one of our network administrators, she is responsible for anticipating and preventing network-related issues for our clients before they arise. Each month, she meets onsite with each client and makes sure the support technicians and members of True|IT leadership are fully aware of the client’s issues, solutions and future approach recommendations. She does that with thorough and accurate documentation for the entire team.

Prior to joining True|IT in April 2016, Becca was a network administrator at an agricultural co-op plant. She maintained more than 50 Cisco switches across the plant, provided PC, network, and Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol support, and monitored servers and backups.

Becca holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology management from Rasmussen College, Fargo, N.D., where she lives with her husband, Austin.