David Jarrett

Senior Engineer

David is a long-time hero for technology.  He integrates server, networking, and applications so our customers can utilize technology to better their work experience.

David came to us with the Netrix IT merger in 2018, but he is no stranger to technology.  What began with working on computers and electronics in the US Army grew to Network Engineering for Community First Bank, then Netrix IT for another 9 years, and he’s continuing his legacy with True|IT.

“I love solving problems and helping people with their technology.  It’s a great feeling introducing new technologies to people that help them be more efficient,” David says.

And David is keeping the skills in the family!  His wife, Connie, and him have three children.  One of which just recently graduated college in Network Administration and Security.

When David’s not making customers’ lives easier, he enjoys golf in the summertime months and bowling in the winter.