Devin Horn

Support Technician

“Don’t delete System32.”

That’s the unsolicited, deadpan advice you’ll get from Devin when you first meet him, and it’s hard to tell if he’s being funny, serious or somewhere in between.

“Delete System32” is a trolling scheme used to convince novice PC users to delete the Windows system directory. Without it, a PC can’t function.

It’s good advice whether he’s being lighthearted or solemn, and Devin would know. As Support Technician, Devin monitors clients’ devices and networks, anti-virus protection, backups and patches.

“I make sure we can proactively fix issues before they become a problem,” he said. “This helps everyone by reducing the number of issues clients have and making sure our people know about what might be coming down the pike so we’re not caught off guard.”

Devin joined True|IT in November 2015 and brought with him 10 years of experience building and maintaining systems.