Hope Ochocki

Office Coordinator

Hope is the voice and face of True|IT. If you call, you’ll hear her smile right through the phone line, and when you visit our office, hers will be the first smile you’ll see.

Hope is also crucial to our highly responsive customer service; she is responsible for connecting clients who need service with the right person at True|IT to ensure their problems are addressed right away. Other times, she provides the sympathetic ear for clients who are frustrated with a computer, software or network issue.

Hope’s strength in customer service comes from many years in the retail and hospitality industries, and she loves the True|IT dedication to proactivity.

“Rare is the angry call because we take care of our clients before there is even a problem,” she said. “If there is an issue, they know we’ll be able to take care of it quickly and usually without a huge interruption to their day.”

When she’s not at work, Hope’s two school-aged children keep her busy, yes, but mostly happy and proud.