Shiva Bhattarai

Software Developer

Ever since Shiva was a kid, he’s been interested in how computer games were made.  “How can a person hit a certain key on the keyboard and make a character move on the screen?” he asked.  Questions like that led him to the field of Computer Science and nurtured in him a dream of writing code.

Shiva’s come a long way to pursue that dream, too – over 7,000 miles, to be exact.  That’s because in 2009, Shiva moved from Nepal to the USA.  He attended MSUM and graduated with a degree in Computer Information Technology.  He joined TrueIT with over two years’ experience in the field of Tech Support.

“I had never been to a cold place like this before,” Shiva said, when asked about his move.  At first, everything felt different: the culture, communities, the weather…  But after having lived here for a few years, it’s really started to feel like home.  Shiva’s found the people here to be friendly, helpful, and cheerful, which is something he sees reflected in the culture here at TrueIT.