What We’ve Done


USDA Integration

Developed a highly complex grain inspection and grading system that automatically distributes reports via email and fax. Over half of all grain bought and sold in the US is now processed through this system and billions of dollars of business annually depends on this system working flawlessly, 24/7/365.

Reduce Paper Forms

Replaced manual paper form processing with shareable digital dashboard system. Saving time, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency.


Online Auctioneering

Saved an online auctioneering client hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars each year from previous software subscription by writing them a client-specific software. It was superior to their previous system, plus provided massive ROI!


Oilfield Monitoring

Delivered a one-of-a-kind solution that enables oilfield managers to continuously monitor equipment and operations, reducing time wasted by physically driving to remote oil well locations.



Built a system that provides marketing, online ticket sales, and employment management to the largest outdoor country music festival in the U.S.


Referral Management and Incentive

Developed a cross-organizational business referrals incentive system, allowing anyone company wide to get automatically rewarded for leads gathered.

Loan Loss Reserve Calculations & Reporting

Made an audit process easy by developing a custom algorithm that measured total loan risk and exposure. Supplied data report for auditors and the organization. Turning days and weeks to minutes.


Sales Management with Asset Tracking

Created an asset tracking system for a manufacturing company so every department knew where the product was each step of the way. This also enabled tracking for future customer warranty validation.

Job Costing Accuracy

Increased job costing accuracy and reduced manual processes by creating custom tools that transfer data between FabSuite and ComputerEase programs.


Non-Profit Time Savings

Customized a non-profit system to gather government required data. It replaced a manual process that took three to five staff two weeks each year to complete.


HIPAA Compliant Pharmacy System

Designed a medication management desktop application that replaced an expensive, antiquated system. It is HIPAA secure and insurance compliant and used in pharmacies across North Dakota.


Patient Care Management

Extended existing case management application into managing inner family crisis’ through pulling together multiple resources that can be provided by the organization and extended vendors.

Online Photo Ordering System

Created multi-tenant photo ordering website with unique access codes and integrated credit card payment processing. Used successfully across the U.S. for school pictures.

Client Tracking System

Developed a centralized, web-based client tracking system. Increasing reliability and scalability with access across locations.

HIPAA Compliant, Encrypted Data Transfer

Saved thousands of dollars per month in previous subscription, simplified, and reduced time spent transferring sensitive health data. Now, staff can remotely upload data and save a trip in to the office.


Extended CRM with Customer Portals

We saw a need for an easier way to create a portal that works with D365. Existing solutions were too complex and too expensive to implement. We fixed that.

Two-Way Data

Bridged the gap between two different organizations with two disparate networks and software systems. This allowed real-time communication between over 85,000 people.

Automated Subscription & Payment Processing

Replaced an aging system with a modern, automated subscription and payment processing system that saves accounting staff tens of hours per month.

Streamlined Data Entry

Saved countless hours of manual data entry, searching, and filing, as well as reducing errors, by automatically prefilling forms with relevant data.

Custom SharePoint Branding

Custom designed SharePoint graphics, menus, buttons, fonts and colors and applied to the company’s website. This maintained continuity of corporate branding internally and externally.

Web-Based Research System

Developed web-based research system that collects data securely and easily from participants via smart phones, tablets, and personal computers.

Time Tracking & Billing

Developed desktop application that simplifies time tracking and billing. It’s increased accuracy and completeness and boosted revenue.

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