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Get back in control of your IT,
so you can focus on what matters.

Enjoy Industry-proven Technology

We collaborate with partners like Datto, HP, and Microsoft to provide the most cutting-edge technologies available.

Experience Peace of Mind

Return to focusing running your business and on your why and not on what isn’t working.

Take Control of Your IT

At ABM Technology Group, we have guidelines and standards to provide you a roadmap on what needs to be done and when, no more guessing games.

IT issues, big or small, disrupt progress. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Things can go wrong or, even worse, break. The assistance and support you deserve is a click away. We think it’s high time that IT stop creating problems and start creating solutions.

Unreliable Security

The terrible result of our technologically linked environment is cybercrime. Any vulnerability—or even an actual attack—poses a major danger to a company’s image.

Unexpected Data Loss

We realize how important it is for you to be able to collaborate freely and access data from anywhere. Together we will examine the cloud’s agility and mobility make sense for your business.

Unplanned Downtime

Through disaster recovery planning and execution, as well as our carefully performed software patching and maintenance program, ABM Technology Group predicts difficulties and provides preventative measures.

Uncontrolled IT Costs

Using managed IT services rather than time and materials helps businesses to budget for IT and eliminates mystery about how much money you will spend on it on a monthly or yearly basis.

No more IT headaches, No tech jargon. It’s time for you to experience ABM Technology Group!

While IT is constantly evolving, it can be hard to keep up. ABM Technology Group offers responsive, real-time managed IT services and support for IT issues of all shapes and sizes. But more importantly, we deliver proactive IT solutions that are designed to prevent these issues from happening in the first place, while working alongside your business to maximize your company’s use of technology.

True IT No More IT Headaches

Better Uptime

With proactive IT monitoring and management, you can eliminate downtime and associated expenses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. ABM Technology Group will identify and resolve issues before they turn into network disasters.

Proactive Monitoring

Eliminate issues that cause your systems to run slowly or go offline altogether using real-time performance and health monitoring. With 100% availability, employees will be more productive.

Help Desk Support

When you make an agreement with ABM Technology Group, you gain access to best-in-class engineers who are certified and trained in the most cutting-edge technology. We have engineers on staff to ensure that your network is always under surveillance.

Others Who Trust ABM Technology Group

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It’s time for clients to be able to rely on their IT systems again. System dependability, predictable reaction times, and proactive technology management are all important.

We’re not suggesting that you’ll never experience another computer or technical trouble. What we’re saying is that we’ll do all we can to prevent it, and that if it does happen, we’ll respond quickly.

You don’t just have to take our word for it.

How To Get Started With ABM Techology Group

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Take back control of your technology

Technology is a vital part of your business, but let’s face it, IT can be a total pain.

At ABM Technology Group, we know that you want to be in control of your technology. In order to do that you need reliable IT systems. The problem is you don’t have enough technology resources which makes you feel overwhelmed. We believe IT shouldn’t be chaotic. We understand how hard it is to keep up with technology with limited resources which is why our team of dedicated experts solves thousands of support tickets to small and growing businesses just like you.

Here is how we do it. Schedule a 1:1 session, get a technology blueprint, and take back control of your technology. So schedule a call and in the meantime, sign up for our cybersecurity webinar. So you can stop stressing over the chaos and get back in control of your IT.

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The ABM Technology Group webinars will cover the topics that drive your success: cybersecurity, product innovation, and practical technology advice.

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