Bring a Distinct Advantage to your Business with Low-code Apps

The article was written by Kyle Alspach, the Senior Technical Editor at CRN.

Our CEO, Zac Paulson, was in Anaheim, CA, presenting at NextGen+ 2021 on Low-Code/No-Code applications. Check out the Article from CRN. #TrueIT #internalapps #ITmagic.


Bring A ‘Distinct Advantage’ to your business with Low-code apps

Bring a Distinct Advantage to your Business with Low-code Apps

For managed services providers, building low-code/no-code applications for customers is a huge opportunity for business growth and differentiation, since few MSPs are currently providing this service, according to the CEO of a managed services provider that’s active in the space.

Zac Paulson, CEO of Fargo, N.D.-based TrueIT, said Tuesday that low-code/no-code is often also a service that can be delivered with existing staff—which means it won’t require hiring scarce developer talent.

Low-code/no-code —which offers a visual approach to app development, often using drag-and-drop methods—is a great fit for creating internal apps that are used by customers to support their business, Paulson said during a session at NexGen+ 2021. The conference is hosted by CRN parent The Channel Company this week in Anaheim, Calif.

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Low-code/no-code is an opportunity for additional revenue, as well as a chance to increase stickiness with the customer and fend off competitors, he said.

“If you build two or three little applications that help their business run more smoothly, when a competitor comes in—and offers to do their [IT services] for cheaper—the customer is going to say, ‘Yeah, but can you do [low-code/no-code]?’” Paulson said.

“And if they can’t—and I can promise you, lots of MSPs out there aren’t even touching this area—you have that distinct advantage,” he said. “As an MSP, more and more of our services are being commoditized. That’s just how the market works. Your unique value is something that the other MSPs just aren’t doing yet—and that’s something we have an opportunity to do [with low-code/no-code].”

After gaining an understanding of how the customer’s business functions and building apps around that, “you become so valuable,” Paulson said. “And then that helps you make other sales.”

Paulson said that TrueIT, which was founded in 2012, had previously offered traditional software development services to customers—but got out of that business in May of 2020 due to the advantages of focusing on low-code/no-code.

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