Is your Business Ready for Windows 11

8 questions for your business to answer before switching to Windows 11

Is your Business Ready for Windows 11

What is Windows 11?

Microsoft released Windows 11, which is empowering for employees, enabling them to get the job done more efficiently, and work smarter, not harder. Windows 11 is adept at helping employees achieve what they need to do in smart ways. A light, fresh and modern interaction model was incorporated, but as you will see in a minute, it is also familiar, natural, and unobstructed. Consistency is also what has been focused on for IT who need to deploy and support employees. They will find that many of the same technologies that they have been using on Windows 10 continue to work with Windows 11. It has been made easier to work with but at the same time more secure because we all know how important security and protection are today.

Flexible work is here to stay

Windows 11 was built to help employees and teams focus on what is important: getting the job done and efficiently communicating and collaborating. Windows 11 is smart about how to achieve these goals that are so important for a hybrid workstyle. Windows 11 is an evolution of Windows 10. It is fresh, but also consistent for your employees, and IT. It delivers the security and management needed for hybrid work. And can be deployed alongside Windows 10 devices without interrupting the business.


  • Productive – Improve productivity and focus with a simple, powerful user experience.
  • Collaborative – A smarter way to collaborate with Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Secure – Ready for Zero Trust, to protect data and secure access, anywhere.
  • Consistent – App compatibility and cloud management make adoption easy.

Will my current accessories work with Windows 11?

Most software and accessories that work with Windows 10 are expected to work with Windows 11. Check with your software publisher or accessory manufacturer for specific details on your products.

What are the benefits of Windows 11 over Windows 10?

Windows 11 offers new productivity features and functionality designed to meet the challenges of the hybrid world. In addition, Windows 11 helps you get more done with its refreshed look and feel.

Are my applications compatible with Windows 11?

Unfortunately, this is yet to be determined for all publishers. There will undoubtedly be compatibility issues with every new version of Windows.

At True IT, we encourage you to contact your independent software vendor to learn about support and compatibility with Windows 11. Using Windows 11 may require an additional purchase of newer versions of software. Moving you away from a one-time purchase model and to a new subscription pricing and deployment. Many software developers have mainly moved to a subscription model with continuous releases once every few years to combat these compatibility issues from Microsoft.

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Is your Business Ready for Windows 11?

At True IT, we know that you want to be in control of your technology. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough technology resources, making you feel overwhelmed. We believe IT shouldn’t be chaotic. We understand how hard it is to keep up with technology with limited resources, so our team of dedicated experts solves thousands of support tickets for small and growing businesses just like you. Contact us today, and we can help your business decide if you are ready for Windows 11.

Should my business upgrade to Windows 11?

True IT now supports businesses that have chosen to move to Windows 11. If your company has implemented mobile device management, you should test Windows 11 to ensure it fits your access-control requirements. Configurations may have changed, introducing new security risks. However, it is certain that Windows 11 is compatible with your existing programs and that people are adequately educated to use it.

What is the desktop experience like in Windows 11?

Windows 11 has a familiar desktop experience, but users will immediately notice changes to the Taskbar. The Start button and your shortcuts are now centered by default rather than the previous left alignment. This can be adjusted in Settings. Open programs feature a tiny indicator with a subtle highlight for the active window. Shortcuts, the Start button, and Search subtle feature animations when clicked. Application and File Explorer Windows also features new animations indicative of their actions.

The Start menu features a dramatic overhaul. The new Start menu returns to a more traditional app layout featuring frequently used and recently launched apps. Users will also see a return of the Recent menu, where you can open your recently accessed files and even apps.

Can I change back to Windows 10 after upgrading my Windows 10 PC if I don’t like Windows 11?

Once you have upgraded to Windows 11, you’ll have ten days to change back to Windows 10 while keeping the files and data you brought. After those ten days, you will need to back up your data and do a “clean install” to move back to Windows 10.

What’s new in Windows 11?

Within a familiar template, users will notice a noticeable facelift. The company’s famous Start menu and taskbar have been centered on the screen, with softened corners and lighter accent colors. The majority of the upgrades emphasize productivity. Snap Groups and Snap Layouts have been added to the taskbar, allowing users to open and exit numerous active applications at once. Microsoft Teams has a built-in chat and phone functions and seamless integration with Outlook and Calendar.

Bonus question: What are the new features in Windows 11?

  • New Start menu with quick access to apps and files.
  • New Themes
  • New Microsoft Store experience makes it easier for developers to distribute applications and users to acquire, download and manage them.
  • New Settings app
  • The ability to run Android apps
  • Built-in Microsoft Teams support for out of the box video conferencing and chat
  • Improved performance for running XBOX and PC games
  • New Windows Widgets app for quickly accessing your news, weather, and sports scores.
  • Improved snap assist tool for window management
  • Improved multi-monitor support – Windows 11 will remember your apps and settings when connecting an external display.
  • Improved Windows Clipboard
  • Improved Windows Inking Panel
  • 40 percent performance improvement to Windows Update

Not sure if your business is ready for Windows 11?

While IT is constantly evolving, it can be hard to keep up. True IT offers responsive, real-time managed IT services and support for IT issue of all shapes and sizes. But more importantly, we deliver proactive IT solutions that are designed to prevent these issues from happening in the first place, while working alongside your business to maximize your company’s use of technology.

Contact our IT experts today to discuss if Windows 11 is right for your business.

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