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MSP – Managed IT Services and Solutions


Technology should help you achieve your company objectives.

Because our goal is your success, the staff behind our Help Desk Services provides an unrivaled user experience. We make every communication useful and hold ourselves accountable for the answers we propose. Whether something has gone tragically wrong or you just need a quick remedy for a little issue, one of the True IT Help Desk professionals is dedicated to rapidly and efficiently resolving issues.

True IT is your complete IT service for any size business and non-profit organization! We offer the convenience of a full-service IT department at a fraction of the cost.  We also offer a host of managed services and unlimited flat-fee support.


We’ll manage, monitor, and support all your business technology and users for a simple monthly rate.

Streamline operations. Stabilize your network. Secure your data.

Day or night the resolution to your IT issues will be handled for a predictable monthly fee, we’ll do it all – so you can minimize risk, reduce stress, and focus on your business instead of your technology.

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Helpdesk and End-user support

We take care of your servers, desktops, laptops, network, internet, printers, and more – addressing small problems before they become big issues. And if your network or internet goes down, we address it immediately.

Our Helpdesk technicians will establish a remote support connection between their computer and yours, allowing you to watch as we resolve the issue. Every month, we analyze all of your help calls with you to identify concerns, spot trends, and determine whether extra training is required.

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Protecting your business from today’s cyber dangers, you’ll need a thorough awareness of security best practices, emerging technologies, security intelligence, and technical know-how. Most businesses lack the time, money, experience, or manpower to manage and execute efficient security 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. As a result, businesses are turning to managed security services.

We make sure that your desktops, laptops, and network are secure from hackers and breaches – and that your computers and users aren’t susceptible to viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. Take your security to the next level with Secure IT powered by True IT.

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From designing a simple server backup to creating a comprehensive business continuity plan, our technicians are experts in data security. File corruption, system failures, data breaches, and service outages can all result in significant downtime and data loss. Businesses simply cannot afford the financial consequences of data breaches. For overall data protection, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery combines secure backup and fast recovery of virtual and physical environments into the cloud.

Backups are kept in a secure offsite cloud that is not connected to the network, ready to be used in the event of a disaster. When you need to get your data back quickly, we can restore your environment with no data loss and minimal downtime.

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Patch Management

Many data breaches are caused by old vulnerabilities that have never been fully patched, and many companies do not patch their systems on a company-wide basis. Whether your organization isn’t patching correctly due to time constraints or a lack of employees, it is an important role in the security of your vital systems.

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IT Consulting

In today’s ever-changing corporate landscape, implementing new technologies is important. With so many products and solutions on the market, IT departments may find it difficult to go it alone. All major technologies are continually taught and certified by our engineers. They can help with project management, hardware/software sales, virtualization, and much more as an extension of your staff. True IT Consulting and project management services help lead your firm through the process of making technical improvements.

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Don’t have a CIO? Now you do. We provide vision and oversight for your IT – making sure you’re using it as a competitive advantage, ensuring your projects stay on task, annual budget reviews, and needs assessments. Not sure if you need a CTO or CIO? Let us help!


We’re there during your business hours – onsite or remote – with skilled, professional service that gets the job done. And whenever you reach out during our business hours, we guarantee we will answer your call and start work right away!


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