PODCAST-Grow your business with an MSP

True IT’s CEO, Zac Paulson, sat down with George Bardissi, host of the MSP Initiative Podcast.

Zac discusses the history of True IT.  Talks about the challenges the company has faced over the past 10 years. Finally, he and George review some of the new opportunities for companies to grow their business. When companies use Managed Service Providers like True IT, they can grow their business.

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According to the podcast website, George Bardissi is CEO of two companies based out of Philadelphia, PA. He is also the host of the weekly webinar, The MSP Initiative, every Tuesday, and Thursday at 1 PM EST. During the podcast. George gets into the nitty-gritty with people from the MSP Channel. Together, they go over current events within the industry and bring educational information to MSPs growing their business.

YOu can check out the podcast here: https://mspinitiative.com/2255/msp-initiative-live-with-zac-paulson-from-true-it/


Background on MSP Initiative Podcast

MSP Initiative was started by independent individuals and companies from around the IT & Managed Services landscape who wanted to come together and help build a new voice in the community. It is a collective of smart people, great companies, and community contributors who are working to bring great content, great conversation, and great events as a group. We strive to build another avenue to bring the IT community together.

We do not want to be just another online zoom event! We create compelling one-on-one interviews that feel like great hallway conversations. We try to be educational, fun, and far from boring. We try to steer away from the “hard sell.” We also conduct panels around current events, industry trends, and largely create live group conversations that make it worth everyone’s while.

To learn more about the podcast visit their website – https://mspinitiative.com/

PODCAST-Grow your business with an MSP

Watch the PODCAST-Grow your business with an MSP