Making the Most of Microsoft Teams

A Webinar hosted by True IT

Making the Most of Microsoft Teams

Communications, Clarity, Simplicity


Making the Most of Microsoft Teams –  Summary:

Microsoft Teams is the easiest and best way to simplify and organize communications throughout your business. If you have Microsoft Teams, this webinar will give you insights into the best ways to use Teams. If you don’t have Microsoft Teams, this webinar will show you what Teams can do and how it can benefit your business.

Teams will enable your business to integrate your chat, file sharing and storage, virtual meetings, conference calls, a phone system, webinars, and live events into one place. As a result, Microsoft Teams will solve business challenges, increase collaboration and efficiency, simplify communications, and speed up your business.

Making the Most of Microsoft Teams

Making the Most of Microsoft Teams – Key Benefits:

  • Improve productivity
  • Untangle email mess
  • Improve communications inside your company
  • Improve communications outside your company
  • Collaborate instantly (real-time)
  • Save time, improve efficiency
  • Virtual meetings, webinars, and live events in one system
  • Integrated communications – REALLY!
  • Bonus content:
    • Successfully manage files
    • Ditch your phone system
    • Work from anywhere

Making the Most of Microsoft Teams – Presenter:

Wes Henry

Wes Henry

President and CIO

Wes Henry is the President and CIO, and co-owner of True IT. He is a compassionate leader and solution finder with over 40 years of experience in computer technology, IT, security, networking, and software development.  He loves learning new technology, exploring ways to leverage technology to help people and businesses, and sharing his knowledge with others. Wes taught college classes in technology for almost ten years and loved seeing the “A-Ha” moments when new ideas clicked for other people. When Wes is not at work, he enjoys music, bicycling, exploring new technology, and watching movies.

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