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Cybersecurity is a Team mindset

True IT Cybersecurity

Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber Attacks

Defending your company against the risks to IT security that exist today is a continuous exercise. Our team stays one step ahead in protecting your critical information as organizations and industries of all kinds continue to be targeted daily by fraudsters and threats.

We’ll assist in addressing possible security concerns before they become a problem and offer solutions tailored particularly to your company’s requirements.



The constantly evolving threat landscape makes it difficult for large and small organizations to keep up. New assault strains are released onto the market daily, and IT teams are limited by time, money, and resources.

Your entire IT ecosystem, whether on-premises or in the cloud, is protected against attacks and vulnerabilities with True IT’s real-time visibility, intelligent analysis, and threat monitoring services. To obtain a complete security picture, Managed Detection and Response correlates direct and third-party data while providing 24/7/365 security monitoring of your environment. As a result, we can spot trends in behavior that point to potential risks, assess the danger of compromise, monitor compliance, and respond promptly.



A constant struggle is endpoint security. Hidden security holes within endpoints are key entry points for cybercriminals to target your company since onsite and remote workers connect inside and outside your protective firewalls. The exposed endpoints are fair game for a wave of malicious ransomware and malware attacks without adequate defense.

Due to flaws, incorrect setups, and human mistakes, new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. These threats must be resolved to prevent damage to your business systems. Internal and external audits of network equipment, servers, apps, databases, and more are provided by True IT’s vulnerability management. These scans offer immediate access to information about where IT systems may be exposed to the most recent threats and what steps should be taken to safeguard essential assets.

Dark Web Monitoring


Without your knowledge, cybercriminals can be offering your company’s data or login credentials on the Dark Web. Awareness of what business information is being sold on the dark web requires vigilance. This will enable you to strengthen security procedures to prevent further data breaches.

True IT’s Dark Web Monitoring alerts you to specific organizational information circulating in the underground criminal marketplaces. Through actionable Dark Web ID intelligence, we monitor business credentials, so we can notify you in real-time when your emails and passwords have been compromised and provide the security measures you can perform to strengthen your security. For example, we can launch security measures and offer anti-phishing protection using fake phishing attacks.

True IT Cybersecurity- Hackers are getting smarter


We’ll work with you to create strong security plans with precise deadlines that lower risk, satisfy regulatory requirements, and make the most of your resources. Both we and today’s online crooks are becoming more intelligent.

A thorough awareness of security best practices, emerging technologies, security intelligence, and technical know-how are necessary to combat today’s cyber threats. But unfortunately, most businesses lack the resources to maintain and execute good security 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For this reason, companies are using managed security services.

A data breach typically costs $3.9 million (IBM).

Managed security services protect your network, endpoints, essential apps, and more from recent and emerging threats. True IT expands your internal IT staff by managing security tasks by utilizing best-in-class solutions, threat intelligence, and certified 24/7/365 competence and monitoring.

Because our goal is your success, the staff behind the True IT  provides an unrivaled user experience. We make every communication useful and hold ourselves accountable for the answers we propose. Whether something has gone tragically wrong or you just need a quick remedy for a little issue, one of the True IT Help Desk professionals is dedicated to rapidly and efficiently resolving issues.

True IT Cybersecurity

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