True IT impacts 476 families with E-waste Recycling Program


True IT impacts 476 Families with E-waste Recycling Program

True It partners with PC for People to recycle e-waste and give back to families in need. This year True IT has impacted the lives of more than 475 families. More than 50% of these families have never owned a computer before. And True IT has provided nearly 250 children with computer access.

At True IT, we are not just in the technology business but we are in the people business! Our E-waste Program

  • Ensures our client data is properly destroyed
  • Recycles responsibly all components
  • Reuses equipment with rare metals

PCs For People

The primary mission of PCs for People is to get affordable computers and Internet access into the hands of low-income families and individuals. A home computer and Internet access are a necessity today. Homework, research, college, and job applications require these tools. Studies show that having a computer and the Internet in the home leads to higher graduation rates, long-term employment, and a higher standard of living. Your equipment makes this all a reality for our customers. At True IT, we are proud to partner with PCs for People. 

What is E-waste?

According to the EPA, “E-waste,” “electronic garbage,” “e-scrap,” and “end-of-life electronics” are all phrases used to describe worn electronics that have reached the end of their useful lives and are discarded, donated, or recycled. EPA considers “e-waste” to be a subset of used electronics and acknowledges the inherent value of these materials that can be reused, reconditioned, or recycled to reduce the real waste that may wind up in a landfill or inappropriately dumped in an unprotected dumpsite in the United States or overseas.

There are about 20-50 million metric tons of e-waste generated every year, and most of it ends up in landfills in the US or is shipped off to landfills in developing countries.

The problem? Landfills are becoming overfilled. Additionally, the improper disposal of e-waste is negatively impacting the environment.

For the e-waste that sits in landfills, it is creating pollution in our air, water, and soil. Even worse, the common process used to extract valuable metals exposes our environment to harsh chemicals.

What are the Environmental Benefits of E-waste

Decommissioned computers and other E-waste contain many valuable materials. Aluminum, copper, gold, silver, ferrous metals, and plastics are a few of the prized substances that are reclaimed through electronic waste recycling, which saves energy, reduces pollution, and conserves natural resources.

Environmentally proper E-waste recycling also keeps toxic chemicals and elements like mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium, and flame retardants from poisoning people and animals or leaching into soil and groundwater.

Refurbishing equipment is many times more efficient than recycling the same gear, which is why True IT is proud to partner with PCs For People.

The safest option for both your business and the environment is to recycle your business electronics with a trusted facility. That way, you can ensure that your devices are being disposed of properly without any negative impacts on your privacy or on nature.

A trusted recycling facility can completely remove any private data you have on your devices. Additionally, they recycle the metals and dispose of the plastics from your office electronics in an environmentally-friendly way. It’s a win-win!

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