As many of our clients have seen, procuring IT equipment is an issue this year. The IT equipment that has impacted includes but is not limited to computers, docks, monitors, switches, wireless access points, firewalls, battery backups, etc.

Due to the industry’s inability to produce IT equipment because of the shortages in microchip manufacturing, it takes us longer to secure the gear to purchase and the manual process of monitoring back-ordered equipment. As a result, the equipment in stock is sold quickly when it shows up in stock through our various distributors or vendors. To help combat the shortage of critical IT equipment, we have added a distributor and expanded our list of third-party vendors.

In addition to utilizing additional distributors and vendors, we are also investing in our own inventory stock to have available while the shortages continue. In addition, we are making larger purchases of commonly ordered equipment for our clients. Unfortunately, we are seeing some models of equipment not being readily available until October.

Therefore, we ask that you submit your requests to us as quickly as you can. These requests will help us prioritize new computer requests, whether you need a computer at your office or a new computer for the future. For example, we prioritize a user without a computer over someone with a performance issue. At True IT, our goal is to have your new computer available within two weeks of receiving the request. To submit a request to