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True IT Hardware Lifecycle

Why does my business need a hardware lifecycle plan?

As companies embrace the hybrid workplace, lifecycle management for end-user devices is becoming more complex. However, a few significant advantages exist to having a plan. The first is minimizing your expenses. This is accomplished in various ways, including by preventing overspending on the incorrect hardware during the procurement process and by improving your capacity to repair and update goods to increase their longevity.

Improved productivity is the second significant benefit of having a defined plan. A clear upgrade schedule, for instance, assures that you won’t use hardware past the point of no return when its performance declines because it directly interferes with employees’ ability to do their jobs.

The likelihood of unforeseen outages can be decreased with a good plan. Critical hardware assets can be made less likely to fail and render businesses completely unusable by being monitored and maintained. Of course, even the best strategy cannot totally eliminate the possibility of hardware failures. Still, it can ensure that there are backup plans in place so businesses can swiftly resume operations in the event of an unexpected event.

Here are the 5 stages of the Hardware Lifecycle

1. Procurement

The procurement process begins with the actual asset purchase and is the initial phase of maintaining your IT asset lifecycle. There are always several options available for any IT asset your company requires, but your choice should satisfy your business’ objectives without going over budget. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine the business needs based on the collected data before making a purchasing decision. 

The procurement process entails:

  • Creating purchase orders
  • Predefining the Purchase Order workflow
  • Linking to cost budgets
  • Approval of the Purchase Order
  • Making the purchase and adding it to the inventory

2. Deployment

Our engineers can assist in creating a structured deployment strategy and process-oriented implementation plan. For example, the hardware deployment can include configuration and installation, placing hardware and software assets into production environments, and notating physical asset location.

  • Reduce the time and costs associated with deploying devices like desktops, laptops, servers, switches, and router installations.
  • Develop preconfigured and custom configurations to streamline installations.

3. Maintenance

IT experts with experience are aware of the actions they can take to reduce the overall cost of IT hardware maintenance programs. You can save a lot of money by picking the proper maintenance firm and the right quantity of coverage.

In order to deliver dependable global hardware care for a portion of the price of OEM service contracts, World Data Products represents some of the biggest, most seasoned third-party IT hardware maintenance companies in the business.

Our maintenance plans provide:

  • On-site hardware maintenance service available 24/7 or 9-5.
  • Response times of two, four, or the following day.
  • Enhanced end-user productivity with customized service levels.
  • Cost management for hardware maintenance.
  • Telephone technical help. support for microcode.
  • Help for spare parts and logistics

4. Upgrade

Strategic system upgrades can increase the effectiveness and durability of your IT infrastructure. However, upgrades can be expensive and time-consuming, ranging from reworking a single system component to your complete infrastructure. Your business can save time and money by working with a hardware partner for IT equipment during the upgrade process.

The IT Hardware Specialists at True IT are pros at assisting you in choosing the best update for your system, locating the necessary parts, and suggesting excellent, cost-effective equipment choices that can help you save money. With updates to your gear and software, we can help.

5. Dispose and Recycle

It can be expensive and time-consuming to dispose of used servers, storage, and networking equipment on your own. You may need to make sure that any sensitive data on your hardware is deleted in order to reduce any business risks brought on by data security, in addition to complying with federal, state, and local electronics disposal rules.

At True IT, we are not just in the technology business but we are in the people business! Our E-waste Program

  • Ensures our client data is properly destroyed
  • Recycles responsibly all components
  • Reuses equipment with rare metals

We partner with PCs for People to make a difference in people’s lives and be good stewards of the planet.

True IT Hardware Lifecycle – IT Hardware Lifecycle Management

We Have In-Stock Enterprise Hardware

When it comes to managing the lifecycle of IT hardware, organizations typically struggle, mainly when there are numerous systems and employees with different degrees of training and knowledge. Your company will gain from working with a managed service provider like Partnered Solutions IT to manage and maintain your IT assets. In addition, it will make it simpler and more effective to locate, support, update, and replace hardware.

Maintaining a hardware inventory saves your business money and minimizes productivity loss from hardware. In addition, knowing that someone is actively managing the lifecycle of your IT assets can help you make better purchase decisions, update hardware and software promptly, and provide you with a more accurate picture of the total cost of ownership.

Because our goal is your success, the staff behind the True IT  provides an unrivaled user experience. We make every communication useful and hold ourselves accountable for the answers we propose. Whether something has gone tragically wrong or you just need a quick remedy for a little issue, one of the True IT Help Desk professionals is dedicated to rapidly and efficiently resolving issues.

Hardware Lifecycle

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